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The Idea

Prayer CatThe Post a Prayer page idea came to me in the most inspired way. I was thinking about some of the people I have met while promoting my CD, and began to really want to deepen my relationship with these new friends. It then came to me! The Lord pointed out that everyone has a need of some kind, whether it be big or small, healing, encouragement, financial, marital etc…AND a way to come together would be through PRAYER.  Where 2 or more are gathered, He is among them.

I would like for people to know, not just wonder, but to know that someone out here is praying for them and their specific need. Someone is standing in the gap for you! I want to encourage friendship, a prayer life,  and comfort by letting people know that I will listen, I will pray, and I will Post the Prayer for all the world to see and to enter into agreement that the Lord knows, hears, and will provide for those who ask. Send me your prayer requests via email to and I will post the prayer specifically for you on this page.  If you prefer I pray for you confidentially, please indicate so in your email.