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Prayer for my friend Nancy G, Grand Prairie,TX

Dear Gracious Lord, How can we say thanks for all that you have done for us? You protect us everyday, you keep our heart beating while we are asleep, and yet we take these small things for granted some time. We thank you for the smallest of things such as breath, and smiles. Father, I thank you for my good friend, Nancy, who turns to you, and only You, in her hour of stress. You are so full of incomprehensible grace, and know us inside and out. You know our worries and pains, yet you tell us to not worry about anything because you want us to have happy lives.  Your love involves us and we need to remember to involve You in our lives.  Help Nancy to know you want to be involved with her. You want only good for her. You love her and help her feel that.  There is no security without You, Father.  Provide us this day, and especially Nancy, with the warmth of your presence and security. May she experience something she never has known before, In Your Son’s Name, Jesus, Amen.

Prayer for Dong Yun Yoon, Husband and Father who lost his entire family

OH Comfort us Lord!! We come together in hard prayer for this man who lost his family! Help us Lord to see glory for you in this tragedy! Above all, bring comfort and hope and love to this fellow believer in San Diego, Ca! Oh Father, as part of the body of Your Church, we feel when another part is hurting! Oh Just God, please show grace, grace, grace through this man, Dong. Please bring him closer to you for only you can comfort him.  His loss is great and deep and we grieve together with him.  Help him heal with your power and strength. We weep to you Lord, for only you can know our sorrow and how deep it runs. We are comforted knowing you and that one day we will be with you together in paradise.  We ask and beg for your mercy, In Jesus’s name, Amen.

Prayer for the Marine Pilot who crashed his jet into Dong Yun Yoon’s home

Dear Father of Heaven, May you comfort this young man who is greiving for the family that was affected by his accident. May this young pilot be not brought into depression and life long mourning for the accident. As the recent widower Mr. Yoon asked, we pray for this young pilot who is not to blame for the accident. May he be shown mercy and kindness when he feels he deserves none. Comfort this poor unfortunate soul so that he is not tortured his entire life. In Jesus’s Name, Amen.