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Prayer for Gary Rowland, Vietnam veteran-2 Tours, Silver Star, Bronze Medal, 2 Purple Hearts recepient

“America, America, God shed His Grace on thee…:

Oh Dear God of Heaven, We bow down to you and know that all that happens on earth is controlled by you, and that it is only us Humans who allow evil to reign supreme which turns everything into chaos. Father, I pray tonight for my brother in Christ, Gary Rowland. Lord, you have instilled in this man a courageous heart, a loyal heart, but best of all, a tender heart. I ask, in the powerful and gentle name of Jesus, that you take a hold of Gary and transform him into a man so hungry for God today! I pray that he thrills to speak of you, that he delights in all that you will show and reveal to him, and that he be comforted by the Lord who loves him. Father, be his best friend and protect him, and shower him with your love. No other love is better than God’s love. If he can experience you in the fullest way, he will thirst and hunger for nothing else. Bless his hands, bless his hands, bless his hands. Bless his mind, clear his mind, fill his mind, rest his mind. Peace and comfort are Gary Rowland’s constant companions because Father you have called him by his name. You KNOW Gary, and you are watching over Gary, and we know this, not just think or hope, but KNOW that it is so. In your precious son’s name, Jesus, Amen.

Prayer for David of South Dallas who is a regular listener to KVTT

Oh precious Lord, how I thank you for this brother who is known only to me through the radio, but who is completely known to you Father. You have obviously worked in David’s life and he knows your voice, Father. Father, he listens on the radio and feeds on your word and is moved by music. I thank you for this gifted listener who tunes in to YOU Lord, as well as your word.  I thank you for his appreciation of music and that his soul is touched and ministered to by the divinely inspired songs written. I ask that you bless David’s life in a unique way and that you heal any infirmity in his body, and pain shall be gone in your powerful name of Jesus!! Oh Lord, show David what you are capable of doing Father in a very distinct way to him so that he will fully see how much you DO love him. I thank you so much in the heavenly name of Jesus, Amen.

Prayer for Christina Sims and her mission trip to Nigeria

Father, Father, I thank you so much for my sister, Christina! What joy she brings to any room she enters! I know that she will bring much joy to Nigeria and even more hope with the message of Jesus Christ. Father, her heart wishes to minister to the world in your name in any manner you would guide her to, so, let you will be done if she is to go to Nigeria. Let the funds be available if it is your will. If it is your will, may she be completely under your protection, Lord. I am so, so, so, grateful to know that she exists in the world and am honored to have her as a friend. She is a blessing to me, so continue to bless her as she walks in obedience to your will, Father God. In Jesus Holy name, Amen.