Archive for March 2008

Prayer for J. Majors and his vision for the Lord, Atlanta, Ga

Father, I am so grateful for your faithfulness and goodness, and generosity. You show us mercy so undeserved. Father, J. has a vision for you and to advance your kingdom. Lord, you know his heart and his vision. You gave him that vision and we ask that your timing be first , your will be first, and your plan unfold as you would will it, Lord. J. is willing and able to execute your will, Father. We ask that you provide the resources and people needed to fullfill you perfect plan to spread the Gospel to anyone who would listen. Thank you Lord for your Son, Jesus, Amen.

Prayer for Janie, friend of Shirley’s, Dallas, TX

Dear Father, I thank you for the new friends you’ve brought into my life through other people. Janie is one of those new people in my life and her story is all too familiar. She suffers physically with her cancer and tumors but Lord you can heal her. She shows considerable faith and strenght that only you can provide and I ask for special healing for her. Relieve her of her pain and show her your miraculous work. Keep her and bless her. In Jesus name, Amen.