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Prayer for friend, Trey C., Dallas,TX

Our gracious and forgiving Father, we know that you have taught us to forgive as we ourselves have been forgiven. We ask that you show your healing & forgiving love to your child, Trey. Father as you gave us the story of the prodigal son, Trey is likened as to that son in the story. Father, he wants to come home because he wants to be forgiven.  Lord, we know you are like that father in the story who welcomes us back with open arms when we are truly repentant in our heart and mind. Repentence is a total “turning away”, literally going the opposite direction, and coming home to you, Lord. Father, we know you gave us free will and Trey freely gives his will over to be YOUR WILL. Bless Trey’s singing and voice, and please put Trey in place you need and want him to be. Give him a transformed mind and heart and touch his life in a profound way. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

Prayer for Paula in recovery in Monroe, LA

Our great physician, oh Lord, that is what you are. You are so kind and loving and we thank you for giving us life in the first place. You didn’t have to do what you did for us, but you did! So many times we fight what should be done according to your words Lord, and we wind up in holes that keep us down for so long. But Lord, when you get our attention, you GET OUR Attention! and that is when you really want to show us your love. Father, we know you want to show Paula what love really is. Increase her faith at this time of recovery for her, Lord. Please draw her heart closer to you, along with her children , and hold them closer to you more than ever before. The life we have on earth is hard for so many, but one day, there will be no more pain and no more sorrow, as you have promised us, Lord. All we need is a little more faith and only you can provide that to us. Give Paula faith, Father. Give her grace, and show her mercy. We ask for a complete healing for her body. IN Jesus’s name, Amen.

Prayer for Laura in Athens, TX

Father, sweet Father, we ask that you be with Laura and meet her where she’s at. You see her as a soul that is important, Lord, and we ask that you give her the faith to know that SHE IS important. We ask you Lord to help her hear the words of Love from you in her ears constantly, and that she recognize your voice and that when she does hear you, that she be filled with overwhelming warmth and godly emotion. She is a young lady who is beautiful and wonderfully made by you, oh King! Please over shower her with your grace, strength, wisdom and humility. Let her know that she is valid and that she is a special daughter of the most High King. The God of the Universe! Fill her heart with joy so much that she cannot contain herself. We ask these special things in the holy name of Jesus, Amen.

Prayer for Israel-the Holy Land

Jehovah, Holy Father, we come to you in reverence and into the Holy of Holys with fear and humility before you to ask that you guard your nation of Israel. Father, your holy covenant with that great people has been binding and shall last forever. Lord, we ask that you watch your children of Israel and that you defend when need be, and defy man’s impositions on your sovereign plan. Lord, that it always be your will on Earth as it is in Heaven. We seek you in urgency and earnestness for the Middle East to settle and revere you as the one True God.  We give you thanksgiving and praise for all and all that is to come. In your son’s name, Jesus, Amen.

Prayer for Charles Whitaker and his fellow comrade firefighter

Lord in Heaven, hear our cries! You are all knowing and all seeing and we beseech you to hear our cry for this brother and his fellowman. We know not the reasons, nor the conditions as to why these crimes take place, but we know for sure that Our Lord is watching and keep tally. Lord, we know that vengeance is yours and that you take care of your children. We pray for justice to be swift for the perpetrators of the crimes against our 2 brothers. We ask that you convict their hearts and that you strike them to the core with your power. Father, let the perpetrators be so ashamed of themselves that they come clean for their soul’s sake. Above all, we ask Lord that you comfort the friends and family of our brethren and that you keep them with us a little longer. Families are in desperate need of these 2 men and Lord, please heal them fully. In Jesus healing name, Amen.

Prayer for Lawana’s Dad

Dear Father, You are the great I am. You are the great Physician. We know that with one touch of your finger you can wipe out disease and pain. We ask for a special touch on Lu’s dad. He suffers with pain, and we know that you, Oh Lord, have felt pain. Please continue to comfort him and minister to him despite this physical problem. Father, it is sometimes through these painful inflictions that we realize how vulnerable and small we are. Thank you for loving us and for your grace and patience. May Lu’s father succumb to your will for his life and listen to your voice of instruction and wisdom. In Jesus’s wonderful , healing name, Amen.