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Prayer for Liz from South Texas

Dear gentle Father, How tender your love is to us! You made man in your image, but woman was where you showed great creativity! Father, you know the heart of my sister, Liz. She loves you, serves you, and glorifies you every day. I know my friend has suffered cruelly but she still brings you glory by clinging to you for hope. Lord, you know the state of her broken heart and broken marriage, but we ask that you be her comfort and joy despite the earthly situation. The situation is firmly in your hands, Father, and so is Liz’s heart. We ask that you remove the scales off of her beloved’s eyes and that he see how he has displeased you, Lord. We command, in Jesus’s Name, that the deception that the evil one has planted in his soul be pulled out and not take root in his soul and heart. Liz’s beloved has entangled himself and you are the only one that can deliver him and lead him out of the darkness. Please, Holy Spirit, comfort my sister and her children and hold them close. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

Prayer for the son of my friend, Lisa from Dallas

Oh Heavenly Father, How you love us so much! We are all your children and you have created us for your delight! Father, we fall so short of always pleasing you, and we know that even YOUR heart hurts when you see your children fall astray or disobey your will. But Lord, we have your words, and your Holy Spirit whom you send to us to guide and minister to us to help us live our lives purely & with Godly authority. We lift up a young man to you for a special touch, Lord. We lift up Jeff, at the request of a mother whose heart is hurting for her son. Lord, please breathe into this young body, a healing and powerful breath that will renew his strength and cause him to walk upright for you. Give this young man a hunger for the things that are right, and a hunger to know You. Father, take hold of Jeff, and bring him face to face with you so that he may be a witness for you and that he may know what it feels like to walk in Victory because of You, Lord. Father, let him ask for wisdom that only comes from above, and that he use that wisdom to make the choices you would have him make. Feed this young soul with your spiritual food, and bring to him godly people who can help equip him for life. Jeff’s health, soul, and life are in your loving hands, Father. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

Prayer Request for James Belk from Dallas

Dear Father, We sing hymns and songs of praise to you Lord for you are the one who blesses us with talents and gifts. Some of us have been annointed and called in to your musical service and we ask that your message be sent out to the world through your musical vessels. I pray on James’ behalf, Father, that you bring the right people together to form a musical team that would interpret and deliver James’ songs to bring you Glory. Lord, He wants to serve you with his music and you know his heart to it’s deepest core. Bless his desire to bring you honor through his songs. Father, open a door to bring a collaborator or a group of collaborators together to produce these songs strictly for your praise, Lord, since it is not ourselves that we should be boastful of, but only boast of your goodness and mercy. I thank you Father that you hear us, In your Son’s name, Jesus, Amen.

James Belk wrote: Praise be to you, O Lord our God, King of the universe, who has given us Jesus your son as the anointed one, our redeemer, our saviour, our atonement and our Lord, and the Bible to all peoples. Praised be you, O Lord, giver of salvation in Jesus Christ. Father, you have given to me the gifts of Christian songwriting and composing. I have obeyed you in writing, arranging, and composing the songs you have given to me. Now Lord, I ask your guidance in this next phase of finding a Christian producer. I make this request to you, O Father, in Jesus’s name, Amen.

Prayer Request for Angel Page

Wonderful Lord! I thank you for bringing a sister in Christ, like Angel, to be in my life. She is on fire for you, Lord and cares only to please you.  Father, I thank you for giving her wisdom, a long-suffering soul, and unwavering trust in YOU. We come together in prayer for you to provide a means of transportation for her, Lord. She understands that you are our provider for all, and we believe together that you will provide transport for her. Lord, she has been content without wheels, without much of anything, but she is asking now Lord for you to provide this need. Father, you also know best when it comes to timing for marriage. We ask that the man designed for her be brought into her life with your perfect timing. You are her first love, Lord, and we acknowledge that for all of us. You also designed us to enjoy marriage between a man and a woman, and we ask that you grant Angel divine patience while she waits on You. Thank you for your goodness, in Jesus’s name, Amen.

Prayer Request for Ron Sims

Our Heavenly Father, you are our comfort and our joy! We thank you for loving us so much to send your only Son, Jesus Christ, down to this earth to bear our sins and afflictions. We are bought and paid for by Jesus. Father, we rejoice because you give our days purpose here on earth. Father, we come together in prayer for a man who loves you. We are asking for a touch from YOU, Father, on brother Ron’s body. Lord, you know and see Ron’s heart for you, and now we ask that you restore his body to function as it should. Ron is young at heart, and we ask for you, Lord, to strengthen his limbs, muscles, faculties, heart, and speech for him. Lord we can only rely on you in this world, and you are our only hope when doctor’s are baffled. Lord, comfort and heal him in that hospital bed tonight. We pray for his wife and children, especially Christina, to remain hopeful and vigilant for your will to be done. Thank you for your joy, thank you for grace, thank you for being with us. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

Prayer Request for J.D. from New England

Dear Lord, We acknowledge together that you are the ONE God of the Universe. We acknowledge you as our creator, and that you had us planned to exist even before we were conceived. Oh Father, we come in prayer and thanksgiving because we know you are a God who listens and cares. We lift up J.D. from New England to you for healing. Doctors can only offer so much, but Lord, you offer us all. This young life of J.D.’s is dedicated to you, Father. You know his parent’s pain and hold their hearts ever so gently. We thank you, in Jesus’s name, that you have heard our prayer of healing for J.D. We pray for a COMPLETE healing and believe in your goodness. We praise you Lord in everything, in Jesus’s name, Amen.